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Afghanistan & Turmenistan - Afganisztán -...

Afghanistan & Turmenistan - Afganisztán - Türkmenisztán térkép

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The world is changing as a result of a global pandemic, and ITMB has to change with it. We wish to keep all of our artwork available, but at a time of greatly reduced travel, we have been forced to combine two different countries that share a mommon border in order to justify printing either one. The two countries, Afganistand and Turkmenistan, do share a common heritage, but a very different history. Fiercly independent Afghanistan has been the bane of those wishing to dominate it for centuries. The British finally blockaded themselves in Peshawar and left the Afghans pretty much to do whatever they wanted, became immersed in a non-winnable war that almost destroyed the USSR. The Canadians tried next, in the peace-keeping effort so commly associated with past efforts, and quickly became bogged down and devastated as a fighting force. The Americans came next, and are still trying to disengage after many years of futility. Thus, Afghanistan, lovely though it is as a country, is a failed. However, there is a steady demand for a top-quality map of the country, with a very attractive cover photo, so here its is. The other side of the sheet covers neighboring Turkmenistan, a formerpart of the USSR that broke away in the collpse of the Russian empire in 1990. It has, however, not emerged from the Soviet way of thinking, and is authoritarian in its attitude. It is, fortunately, open to travel, and is slowly improving its facilities, so is to be encouraged. The map includes a very good inset map of Ashgabat, the capital. The country stretches form the Caspian Sea to the Uzbek border and from Russia south to Iran and Afghanistan. We have also added eight Top Attractions, raging from the World Heritage site of Konye to the ancient ruins of Nisa. This is a country emerging as a future traval Mecca.

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