Russia - Oroszország  térkép
Russia - Oroszország  térkép
Russia - Oroszország  térkép

Russia - Oroszország térkép

5 200 Ft
1-3 munka nap

Russia is a very big country. West of the Ural Mountains is West Russia, with the rest tacked on almost as an after-thought, filling the second side. Most of the population is concentrated in the West, necessitating a better scale to provide enough space to note the many cities and the road/rail network. Most visitors fly into Moscow, then travel by train to other cities, primarily within the Russian heartland, but also by entraining for the Trans-Siberian Railway. This necessitates the second side of the map sheet, covering the vast expanses of taiga and forest from Perm east to Vladivostok. This takes about a week by train. Theoretically, it is drivable if weather conditions permit. Geographically, this portion of Russia is much larger, so can only be shown at a somewhat reduced scale. For those wishing more detail, ITMB also publishes maps of Siberia and of the Far East Republic/Kamchatka Peninsula, as well as our famous road/train atlas of the Trans-Siberian rail network. Russia is not the easiest country to enter, but once there, is an unforgettable experience.

méretarány - nyugat: 1 : 3 200 000

méretarány - kelet: 1 : 6 300 000

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Méretarány (másodlagos)
1:3 200 000
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