Kuala Lumpur & Malay peninsula...
Kuala Lumpur & Malay peninsula...
Kuala Lumpur & Malay peninsula...
Kuala Lumpur & Malay peninsula (Maláj-félsziget) térkép
Kuala Lumpur & Malay peninsula (Maláj-félsziget) térkép
Kuala Lumpur & Malay peninsula (Maláj-félsziget) térkép

Kuala Lumpur & Malay peninsula (Maláj-félsziget) térkép

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Technically, this could be considered a first edition map, as it represents the first time that we have published a map of the Malay Peninsula, but our recent research trip to Malaysia convinced us that the rural mainland of the countryside surrounding spread-out Kula Lumpur (known locally as KL, of course) is more an extension of KL s influence than something someone could visit without including KL. Therefore, we are pleased to release our newly-updated second edition city map of Kuala Lumpur and combine it with a separate map on the reverse side that should meet anyone s needs for travel covering the entire mainland portion of Malaysia. The city side covers four essential components of KL: the Railway Station (which was moved to the southern area of KL to reduce congestion and provide easy access to the airport), the traditional commercial district known as Little India, the main commercial district (known as Chow Kit) and the new City Centre area, where the twin Petronas Towers (see cover picture) dominate the skyline and Malaysia s booming economy. KL is far too spread out to include the entire urban area on one map, so we have included an inset map covering Klang, Batu, Kajang, and the airport, which is south of Putrajaya. The peninsula side of the map includes a detailed inset map of Singapore, to the south, and a portion of Thailand to the north. Formerly the British possession of Malaya, the peninsula can now be divided into three portions those areas west of the central mountain chain, those east of the mountains, and Penang. All three portions have their own charm; for the sake of brevity, I will mention only Georgetown, on the island of Penang, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very interesting cultural blending of Malay and Chinese ethnicities. The map itself is easy to read, accurate, up-to-date and typically ITMB quality. We feel that this map re-introduces and enhances our former KL Map.

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