Greenland & North Pole - Grönland és...

Greenland & North Pole - Grönland és az Északi-Sark térkép

Beszerzési idő 5-28 nap
5 200 Ft
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Scale - 1:3 000 000 / 1:9 000 000 Greenland itself doesn t change much, but we undertook a major review of the artwork and spent weeks organizing the digital files and replacing a tremendous amount of text. Geo referencing is really coming into its own! This map is sharper, with fjords and green areas more correctly shown, contours more visible, and place names properly aligned. That, in itself, would be noteworthy, but we have added a brand new map to the previously blank back side of the paper. This is the first-ever commercially available map of the North Pole and surrounding regions north of 60 degrees. Thanks to a marvelous effort by the National Atlas people at Natural Resources Canada, who compiled and prepared this map as their contribution to the International Scientific Year of the Polar Ice 2009, we are proud to be supplementing their beautiful map by marketing it internationally. The polar regions, both the Arctic and the Antarctic, are severely affected by global warming, and ITMB is very pleased to be the first and only cartographic firm in the world to bring you maps of both polar extremes, and in the same year as well. This is a beautiful map, that really deserves its own separate sheet, but economic times being as they are, combining it with Greenland is a good optio
Kiadás Éve
Méretarány (elsodleges)
1 : 3 000 000
Méretarány (másodlagos)
1:9 000 000
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