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Andorra & Pyrenees - Andorra és a Pireneusok...

Andorra & Pyrenees - Andorra és a Pireneusok térkép

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We have transformed our specialized map of Andorra into a more practical map covering the Pyrenees mountain chain straddling the border between France and Germany on one side, with historic Andorra on the other side. As is normal with ITMB maps combining two areas at different scales, the map has two covers, so can be marketed equally well as Andorra or as Pyrenees! Our coverage of the Pyrenees goes from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coastlines and from Toulouse to Barcelona, so includes Pamplona in Basque Country, Huesca, Catalunya, and Girona in Spain, as well as Beziers and lovely Carcassonne in France. The other side is a completely redesigned map of the Principality of Andorra and is the only map of this interesting mini-state available today. This side also includes an excellent inset map of the only city in the country, Andorra La Vella. Andorra is known as a winter ski area par excellence, but is also a huge duty-free area year round. It has survived political turmoil for centuries by playing off France against Spain and wriggling between the cracks of big-power maneuvering. Perched at the summit of the Pyrenees chain, Andorra is well-worth visiting. 2017 Edition.

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