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Ukraine - Ukrajna térkép
Ukraine - Ukrajna térkép
Ukraine - Ukrajna térkép
Ukraine - Ukrajna térkép
Ukraine - Ukrajna térkép
Ukraine - Ukrajna térkép

Ukraine - Ukrajna térkép

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Within days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we ran out of copies of the then-current edition of our map of the country. We have rushed the 3rd Ed. To press, and it has just arrived in our warehouse. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (Russia doesn't count, as it is mostly an Asian country). It has been independent since the collapse of the USSR in 1990, but had a pro-Moscow government and orientation until 2011, when it opted to focus on aligning itself towards the rest of Europe and disengaging its close relationship with Russia. This enraged Russia's leader, who invaded Ukraine in 2014 and has made life miserable for Ukrainians ever since. In 2022, as we all know, Russia invaded in force, attempting to take over all of the Ukraine. To date, Ukrainians have strongly resisted massive bombardments and tens of thousands of troops, forcing Russia to concentrate its efforts in only part of the country. As I write, the outcome of the war is still uncertain, but the world needs a good map of Ukraine, and here it is! Double-sided, on waterproof paper, our map shows the entire country in detail. We show portions currently under Russian control, but not battle lines, because this information is changing each day. We also cannot emphasize damaged areas, as these changes by the minute. Many roads, rail lines, and airports are out of commission due to the war. For now, this is a reference map, not a travel map, but the fighting will stop eventually, and the world will need a re-building map.

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