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Alpe-Adria Trail - Alpok-Adria - Bradt útikönyv

Alpe-Adria Trail - Alpok-Adria - Bradt útikönyv

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A new, thoroughly updated edition of the first and only English-language guide to the epic 750 km hiking route through the mountains of Austria, Slovenia and Italy, from the foot of the Grossglockner (at 3,798m, the highest peak in Austria and the Eastern Alps) to Muggia near Trieste on the Adriatic coast. Detailed maps and route descriptions for all 43 stages of the route are included, with a clear breakdown of time, distance and ascent for each stage. Published in a small, handy-sized format which is easy to pack and carry, it is written by an expert who has authored over half a dozen hiking guides and who specialises in Eastern and Central Europe. He has been a regular visitor to the borderlands of Slovenia, Austria and Italy for over 15 years, as well as living for two years in neighbouring Croatia.

The Alpe-Adria route is well marked, relatively easy to walk and is suitable for hikers of all abilities as well as families – a point which is emphasised in the guide. The route takes in spectacular, unspoilt mountain scenery, alpine lakes, rolling coastal hills, beautiful villages and several national parks and nature reserves. An introduction covering the history, wildlife, flora and geography of the area is included, along with accommodation details for each stage and information on local public transport, culture, food and language.





Chapter 1 Background Information

Geography and geology, Climate, Wildlife, Plants, History, Language

Chapter 2 Practical Information

The Alpe-Adria Trail – a summary

When to hike, Highlights and route planning, Alpe-Adria Trail booking offices, Tourist offices, Tour operators, Red tape, Embassies, Getting there and away, Public transport, Accommodation, Eating and drinking, Money, Budgeting, Opening hours, Telephone numbers and mobile phones, Internet, Public holidays and festivals, Other outdoor activities, Travelling with kids, Maps and apps, Trail markings, Long-distance hiking: travelling light, Health, Emergency phone numbers, Safety in the mountains, Low-impact trekking


Stage 1: Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe – Heiligenblut

Stage 2: Heiligenblut – Döllach

Stage 3: Döllach – Marterle

Stage 4: Marterle – Stall

Stage 5: Stall – Innerfragant

Stage 6: Innerfragant – Mallnitz

Stage 7: Mallnitz – Obervellach

Stage 8: Obervellach – Danielsberg

Stage 9: Danielsberg – Hühnersberg

Stage 10: Hühnersberg – Gmünd

Stage 11: Gmünd – Seeboden

Stage 12: Seeboden – Millstätter Alpe

Stage 13: Millstätter Alpe – Döbriach

Stage 14: Döbriach – Langalmtal

Stage 15: Langalmtal – Falkerthaus

Stage 16: Falkerthaus – Bad Kleinkirchheim

Stage 17: Bad Kleinkirchheim – Arriach

Stage 18: Arriach – Gerlitzen Alpe

Stage 19: Gerlitzen Alpe – Ossiach

Stage 20: Ossiach – Velden

Stage 21: Velden – Baumgartnerhöhe

Stage 22: Baumgartnerhöhe – Kranjska Gora

Stage 23: Kranjska Gora – Trenta

Stage 24: Trenta – Bovec

Stage 25: Bovec – Dreznica

Stage 26: Dreznica – Tolmin

Stage 27: Tolmin – Tribil di Sopra

Stage 28: Tribil di Sopra – Cividale

Stage 29: Cividale – Breg

Stage 30: Breg – Smartno

Stage 31: Smartno – Cormons

Stage 32: Cormons – Gradisca d’Isonzo

Stage 33: Gradisca d’Isonzo – Duino

Stage 34: Duino – Prosecco

Stage 35: Prosecco – Lipica

Stage 36: Lipica – Bagnoli della Rosandra

Stage 37: Bagnoli della Rosandra – Muggia

Stage C1: Faak am See – Warmbad Villach

Stage C2: Warmbad Villach – Nötsch im Gailtal

Stage C3: Nötsch im Gailtal – Valbruna

Stage C4: Valbruna – Tarvisio

Stage C5: Tarvisio – Rifugio Zacchi

Stage C6: Rifugio Zacchi – Kranjska Gora

Stage C7: Kranjska Gora – Faak am See


Appendix 1: Gateway cities

Appendix 2: Language

Appendix 3: Further reading

Appendix 4: Websites and apps


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