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The Adlerweg - The Eagle's Way across the...

The Adlerweg - The Eagle's Way across the Austrian Tyrol túrakönyv

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Comprehensive guidebook to walking the Adlerweg, or Eagle's Way across the Austrian Tyrol. The 300km (186 mile) waymarked trekking route from St Johann to St Anton follows established mountain and valley tracks. 6 low-level alternative stages and a challenging 8 stage variant are included, with suggestions for a 15 day and 21 day itinerary. The Adlerweg or Eagle’s Way is a well maintained and waymarked 300km path traversing the length of the Austrian Tyrol from St Johann in the east to St Anton in the west. The Adlerweg is a summer walk with a season from mid-June to early October, although after heavy winter snowfall significant snow may remain at higher altitudes until mid-July. It is possible to walk the entire route in 15 days, but this requires an average of seven hours walking every day, covering 20km, mostly above 1000m. If you wish to take it more gently, five hours walking, covering 14km per day will enable you to complete the trek in three weeks. This guidebook describes six easier variant stages that avoid the more airy parts, and eight more difficult ‘Alpine’ Stages that provide an alternative high-level trek through the Lechtaler Alps. the first English-language guide to the route variants make it as easy or challenging as desired fit walkers could complete the route in two weeks Must See crosses Austria’s Tyrol from east to west through a series of mountain ranges, Wilder Kaiser, Rofan and Karwendel, passing beneath Zugspitze and through Lechtaler Alpen; also drops into the Inn Valley, Leutasch and Lechtal
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