IGN 167 Pau tarbes térkép (TOP 100)
IGN 167 Pau tarbes térkép (TOP 100)
IGN 167 Pau tarbes térkép (TOP 100)
IGN 167 Pau tarbes térkép (TOP 100)

IGN 167 Pau tarbes térkép (TOP 100)

3 990,00 Ft
ÁFA-val 1-3 munka nap

1 : 100 000

IGN's Top100 series (formerly Serie Verte) of road maps, a set of 76 maps covering all of France at 1:100 000. At this scale, these maps are highly detailed and are well suited to exploring by foot, bike or car. These maps are unique in that, as well as their excellent road detail, they also have topographic information not found on other road maps. Contour intervals vary according to the terrain, from 10m along the coast to 40m in the more mountainous areas, the maps also use relief shading to make the lay of the land even clearer. The series was recently updated to use IGN's digital data which means that they are clearer and sharper than ever before, smaller roads now stand out much better. Plenty of points of interest are shown on the map, with a range of symbols indicating castles, fortifications, churches, ruins, antiques sites, megaliths, winter sport resorts, spas, golf courses, climbing-rock, nature reserves and more. The map includes a 5km UTM grid making it GPS compatible. Cycle tracks and long distance footpaths (the GR routes) are also marked. The legend is in several languages including English.
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1 : 100 000
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