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Botswana - Bradt útikönyv

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This new edition of Bradt's Botswana remains the only full-blown, standalone guide to one of Africa's most popular and rewarding safari destinations. Acclaimed by tour operators and travel writers alike, this is the only guide to focus on the most popular tourist areas of Botswana: the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and the Northern Kalahari, and this new edition includes a new full-colour wildlife guide, backed up by detailed flora and fauna information for each safari area.


Fully updated accommodation options, from top lodges in the Okavango Delta to small guesthouses (including many new to this edition) are also included, as are detailed maps, comprehensive GPS coordinates (invaluable to self-drivers) and coverage of Livingstone and the Victoria Falls - ideal as an add-on trip to a safari in Botswana
With this guide, explore one of the world's most stunning wildlife destinations, read up on superb safari lodges, from traditional tented camps to those offering five-star luxury and top-class cuisine, and make the most of the excellent birding (with almost 600 species identified). Also included are details of how to arrange mobile safaris around the national parks and reserves with your own guide, often staying in private campsites; boat cruises on the Chobe River, where herds of elephant cross every evening; and when and how to view one of the great gatherings of zebra on the Makgadikgadi Pans.
Botswana's wilderness is pristine. The permanent waters of the Okavango Delta attract year-round wildlife, now including all the 'big five' - the rhinos are back thanks to a successful re-introduction programme. Spreading out from the Delta, Botswana has tremendous variety, from the arid Kalahari to lush, well-watered forest glades and the broad Chobe River. And then there's Botswana's rich history, from the ancient rock paintings at the Tsodilo Hills, to Stone Age arrowheads on the Makgadikgadi Pans.
Written and updated by experts, Bradt's Botswana is the definitive companion to discovering this enchanting destination.




Chapter 1 The Natural Environment

Physical environment, Habitat and vegetation, Conservation

Chapter 2 Botswana Wildlife Guide

Mammals, Reptiles and amphibians, Birds

Chapter 3 History, Politics and Economy

History, Government and administration, Economy

Chapter 4 People and Culture

Population overview, Social groups or ‘tribes’, Language, Religion, Education, Culture

Chapter 5 Planning and Preparation

When to go and highlights, Organising and booking your trip, Red tape, Getting there and away, Money and budgeting, Maps and navigation, Photography and optics, Electrical appliances Getting around, Accommodation, Food and drink, Crafts and curios, Communications, The media, Travelling positively

Chapter 6 Health and Safety

Health, Safety

Chapter 7 Into the Wilds

Driving, Bushcamping, Walking in the bush, Boating, Minimum impact


Chapter 8 Maun

Getting there and away, Orientation, Getting around, Where to stay, Where to eat and drink, Entertainment and nightlife, Shopping, Other practicalities, What to see and do, Beyond Maun: getting organised, The road north of Maun: to Moremi and Chobe

Chapter 9 Kasane and the Northeast

Kasane, Around Kasane, South of Kasane

Chapter 10 Chobe National Park and Forest Reserve

Background information, Getting organised, Chobe riverfront, Chobe Forest Reserve, Liambezi area, Driving from Kasane to Savuti, Ngwezumba Pans, Ghoha Hills, Savuti, Driving south from Savuti, Linyanti

Chapter 11 Linyanti, Selinda and Kwando Reserves

Background information, Linyanti Concession (NG15), Linyanti Enclave (CH1), Selinda Concession (NG16), Kwando Concession (NG14)

Chapter 12 The Okavango Delta – Moremi Game Reserve

Background information, The Mopane Tongue, The private areas of Moremi (NG28)

Chapter 13 The Okavango Delta – Private Reserves around Moremi

Mapula and Kadizora (NG12), Khwai Private Reserve (NG18), Kwara (NG20), Xugana, Camp Okavango and Shinde (NG21), Vumbura and Duba Plains (NG22 and NG23), Community area (NG24), Jao, Kwetsani, Jacana, Tubu and Pelo (NG25), Abu, Seba and Macatoo (NG26), Pom Pom, Kanana and Nxabega (NG27A), Delta, Oddballs’, Gunn’s and Eagle Island (NG27B), Xigera, Mombo and Chief ‘s Camp (NG28), Xudum, Xaranna and OHS (NG29 and NG30), Chitabe and Sandibe (NG31), Stanley’s, Baines’, Gomoti Plains, Qorokwe and budget mokoro trips (NG32), Sankuyo Tshwaragano Management Trust (NG33 and NG34), Santawani Partnership (NG33), Mababe (NG41) and Mankwe and Tuskers (NG43)

Chapter 14 The Okavango Panhandle and Northwest Kalahari

The Panhandle, The Delta’s western fringes, The northwest Kalahari

Chapter 15 The Kalahari’s Great Salt Pans

Background information, Getting organised, Nxai Pan National Park, Makgadikgadi Pans, Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Towns around the pans

Chapter 16 The Central Kalahari

Background information, Practical information, What to see and do

Chapter 17 Livingstone and the Victoria Falls

Livingstone, What to see and do

Appendix 1 Tracks and Signs

Making tracks, Droppings, Who’s at home?, Feeding signs

Appendix 2 Language

Appendix 3 Further Information



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