Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH
Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH
Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH
Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH
Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH
Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH
Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH
Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH

Montreal térkép - (laminált) - BORCH

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Our soft-laminated folded map of Montreal in the 12th edition shows: Montreal Center 1:15 000, Olympic Park 1:15 000, Old Montreal 1:6500, Montreal & Region 1:250 000, Public Transport Montreal, Underground City Montreal, Top 30 Sights, Canada administrative & time zones. Borch Maps are easy to fold, durable and water-repellent with a wipeable surface. Borch Maps show hotels, museums, monuments, markets, public transport, top sights and points of interest, useful statistics, conversion charts for temperatures, weights and measurements, climate charts showing temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity, overview maps, time zones, and much more...


Named for Mont Royal in the center of downtown, which provides some interesting vistas, Canada's third-largest city is the largest in Quebec province. Montreal, the cultural center of Quebec, is also a financial, commercial, industrial and film and television hub, although several other Canadian cities have by now surpassed its growth and commercial influence. Home to two international airports, an excellent public transport system, many cultural sights, museums, theaters, superb restaurants and world-class nightlife, including a world-famous jazz scene, Montreal has plenty of French-Canadian charm to offer the visitor. Due to its warm summers and snowy winters Montreal is a great destination any time of year.

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Méretarány (elsodleges)
1 : 15 000
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