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Trekking Alta Via 2 - Trekking in the...
Trekking Alta Via 2 - Trekking in the...
Trekking Alta Via 2 - Trekking in the...
Trekking Alta Via 2 - Trekking in the...

Trekking Alta Via 2 - Trekking in the Dolomites - Dolomitok túrakönyv

10 850 Ft
1-3 munka nap

Includes 1:25,000 map booklet. With Alta Vie 3-6 in outline

Guidebook to the Alta Via 2 through the Italian Dolomites. Suitable for experienced hikers with a head for heights, the challenging but hugely rewarding hut-to-hut trail covers 160km in 13 days and involves steep and technical terrain and exposed sections. The more demanding AV3-6 routes are described in outline. Includes 1:25K map booklet for AV2.


Alpine summer (mid-June to late September) is the time to go as that's when the rifugi huts are open - essential for overnight accommodation and meals. Moreover that's when the snow will have melted off the high-level paths and the colourful alpine wildflowers will be at their brilliant best.


Bressanone, Passo Gardena, Passo Pordoi, Malga Ciapela, Passo San Pellegrino, San Martino di Castrozza, Fiera di Primiero, Feltre


A challenging 13-stage trek that entails a number of aided and exposed sections (though these do not rate as full-blooded vie ferrate; several can be detoured). A head for heights is essential, and a short rope and karabiner clips are helpful though not compulsory. Alte Vie 3-6 are more demanding, with remote terrain and prolonged and more technical aided sections.

Must See

The Plose, Puez-Odle, Sella, Pale di San Martino and Alpi Feltrine groups, each distinctive and exciting; key mountain passes such as Passo Gardena and Passo Pordoi; optional detours to peaks such as Sass de Putia and Rosetta as well as the glaciated Marmolada with its high-altitude World War 1 fortifications and poignant museum

Map key

Overview map

Route summary table – Alta Via 2

Preface to this edition


The Dolomites

Alta Via 2

Alte Vie 3–6


Languages and place names

Plants and flowers


How to get there

When to go

Shorter itineraries


Food and drink

What to take

Maps and waymarking

Dos and don’ts


Using this guide

Alta Via 2

Stage 1 Bressanone to Rifugio Plose

Stage 2 Rifugio Plose to Rifugio Genova

Stage 3 Rifugio Genova to Rifugio Puez

Stage 4 Rifugio Puez to Rifugio Pisciadù

Stage 5 Rifugio Pisciadù to Rifugio Castiglioni

Stage 6 Rifugio Castiglioni to Passo San Pellegrino

Stage 7 Passo San Pellegrino to Rifugio Mulaz

Stage 8 Rifugio Mulaz to Rifugio Rosetta

Stage 9 Rifugio Rosetta to Rifugio Treviso

Stage 10 Rifugio Treviso to Passo Cereda

Stage 11 Passo Cereda to Rifugio Boz

Stage 12 Rifugio Boz to Rifugio Dal Piaz

Stage 13 Rifugio Dal Piaz to Feltre

Alte Vie 3–6

Alta Via 3

Alta Via 4

Alta Via 5

Alta Via 6

Appendix A Useful contacts

Appendix B Italian–English glossary

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