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Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv
Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv
Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv
Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv
Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv
Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv
Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv
Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv

Walking on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv

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25 mountain and coastal day walks

Guidebook describing 25 day walks on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The graded routes, which cover both the coast and the mountainous inland, showcase Corsica's beautiful landscapes, visiting cliffs, inlets, forests, river gorges, waterfalls, maquis shrubland, peaks and historic sites. With information about history, plants and wildlife.


Coastal routes suitable for year-round walking, with April-June best for wildflowers. Due to snow, inland mountain routes are suitable for walking between late June and September.


Macinaggio and St-Florent on Cap Corse in the far north; Calvi, Porto and Piana along the northwest coast; Col de Vergio and Corte in the mountainous centre; Ajaccio and Porto Pollo on the southwest coast; Quenza and Zonza in the south; and Bonifacio in the far south.


Walks are graded for difficulty and range from: 1 - easy going on mostly level ground; 2 - average difficulty, with some ups and downs; 3 - for experienced walkers as can be challenging with rocky terrain and occasional exposure.

Must See

Corsican watchtowers, Girolata fishing village, white cliffs of Bonifacio, beautiful sandy beaches of Cupabia and St Antoine, Fango river valley, the Aïtone forest, the Calanche, glacial lakes of Lac Nino Lac de Melo, peaks of Paglia Orba and Capu Tafunatu, Piscia di Gallo waterfall, Capu Rossu headland, Genoese bridge of Ponte Vechju




Plant life


When to go

Getting to Corsica

Local transport


Food and drink

What to take

Waymarking and maps


Using this guide

The Far North

Walk 1 Cap Corse Sentier du Douanier: Macinaggio–Barcaggio

Walk 2 St-Florent coastal route

The North-West

Walk 3 Bonifatu loop: La Boucle de Ficaghiola

Walk 4 The Fango river valley

Walk 5 Visiting Girolata

Walk 6 Spilonca gorge

Walk 7 The Calanche: l’ancien chemin des muletiers

Walk 8 Capu Rossu

Walk 9 The Aïtone forest

The Centre

Walk 10 Beneath Paglia Orba and Capu Tafunatu

Walk 11 Lac de Nino

Walk 12 The Tavignano river valley

Walk 13 Glacial lakes in the Restonica valley

Walk 14 La Cascade des Anglais

The South

Walk 15 Punta Parata loop

Walk 16 Ajaccio Sentier des Douaniers: to Plage Saint Antoine

Walk 17 Porto Pollo–Cupabia circuit

Walk 18 Zonza–Quenza circuit

Walk 19 Trou de la Bombe

Walk 20 Foce Finosa

Walk 21 Punta di a Vacca Morta

Walk 22 Piscia di Gallo waterfall

The Far South

Walk 23 Capu de Fenu

Walk 24 Strada Vecia Madonetta, Bonifacio

Walk 25 The white cliffs of Bonifacio

Appendix A Route summary table

Appendix B Glossary of French and Corsican terms

Appendix C Useful contacts

Appendix D Accommodation

Appendix E Further reading

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