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Walking on the Greek Islands - the Cyclades -...

Walking on the Greek Islands - the Cyclades - Görög szigetek túrakönyv

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Naxos and the 50km Naxos Strada, Paros, Amorgos, Santorini

Guidebook to 35 walks exploring the Greek islands of Naxos, Paros, Amorgos and Santorini in the Cyclades. Walks range from 4km to 17km, many using traditional working paths but some challenging sections. Includes the 5-stage Naxos Strada coast-to-coast route.


April-May for wildflowers, while September, October and early November for generally calm weather and clear paths. February-March can offer calm sunshine days and fabulous flowers, but can also be cold and wet.


Each of the four islands has its own main towns; Parikia on Paros, Chora on Naxos, Egiali and Katapola on Amorgos, Fira on Santorini.


Walks vary from 4km to 16km, easy to challenging. Traditional paved paths can be rough underfoot.

Must See

Wildflowers and aromatic shrubs; 2500 year old giant statues abandoned in their quarries; 9th century BC stone circles; Archaic citadels and medieval hilltop forts; remote monasteries and chapels embedded in mountains and cliffs; Cycladic villages; Mount Zas on Naxos, highest peak in the Cyclades; Santorini's sea-filled crater and layer-cake cliffs; 'The Big Blue' Cycladian ocean

Vegetation and wildflowers
Animal life
When to go
Travel to the islands
Travel around the islands
Eating and drinking
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Using this guide
Walk 1 Parikia town to Cape Fokas
Walk 2 Northwest coast to Kolimbithres
Walk 3 Northwest peninsula eco-park
Walk 4 Naousa port, inland to marble mines
Walk 5 West-coast hills to Parikia
Walk 6 Lefkes village and Byzantine Way
Walk 7 South from Lefkes to Dryos port
Walk 8 Southwest coast: Piso Livadi to Dryos
Walk 9 Angeria mountain circular
The Naxos Strada
Walk 10 Naxos town tour
Walk 11 Potamia villages and marble hills
Walk 12 South coast to Demeter’s Temple
Walk 13 Rural byways below Profitis Ilias
Walk 14 Wild lands around Apalirou
Walk 15 Central villages and Fanari foothills
Walk 16 Filoti village and Mount Zas
Walk 17 Apiranthos to emery mines and port
Walk 18 Koronos, mountain and east-coast bay
Walk 19 Kynidaros, downriver to Engares
Walk 20 Strada 1: Plaka to Kato Potamia
Walk 21 Strada 2: Kato Potamia to Filoti
Walk 22 Strada 3: Filoti to Apiranthos
Walk 23 Strada 4: Apiranthos to Koronos
Walk 24 Strada 5: Koronos to Apollonas
Walk 25 Egiali and mountain villages
Walk 26 Remote north: monastery and mountains
Walk 27 Along the island spine to Chora
Walk 28 Inland capital to Katapola port
Walk 29 Old routes inland to the capital
Walk 30 Rollercoaster route: Katapola to Vroutsi
Walk 31 Ancient Arkesini and southwest farms
Walk 32 Caldera rim: Fira to Ammoudi Bay
Walk 33 Ancient Akrotiri and southwest cape
Walk 34 Villages and vineyards to Emborio
Walk 35 Highest peak and Ancient Thira to Perissa

Appendix A Route summary table
Appendix B Useful Greek words and phrases
Appendix C Bibliography
Appendix D Useful contacts

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