Oman & The UAE - Omán és az Egyesült...
Oman & The UAE - Omán és az Egyesült...
Oman & The UAE - Omán és az Egyesült...
Oman & The UAE - Omán és az Egyesült...

Oman & The UAE - Omán és az Egyesült Arab Emirátusok útikönyv - Insight Guides

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From deciding when to go, to choosing what to see when you arrive, this guide to Oman and the UAE is all you need to plan your perfect trip, with insider information on must-see, top attractions like Old Dubai, Burj al Arab and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and cultural gems like the fascinating Sharjah Museums and Galleries, the beautifully restored Jabrin Fort, and Mutrah Souk, the biggest and most absorbing souk in the region.

Features of this travel guide to Oman and the UAE:

- Inspirational colour photography: discover the best destinations, sights and excursions, and be inspired by stunning images

- Historical and cultural insights: immerse yourself in Oman's rich history and culture, and learn all about its people, art and traditions

- Practical full-colour maps: with every major sight and listing highlighted, the full-colour maps make on-the-ground navigation easy

- Editor's Choice: uncover the best of Oman and the UAE with our pick of the region's top destinations

- Key tips and essential information: packed full of important travel information, from transport and tipping to etiquette and hours of operation

- The ultimate travel tool: download the free app and eBook to access this and bonus content from your phone or tablet

- Covers: (Oman) Muscat; Sohar and the Batinah Coast; Nizwa and the Interior; Sur, the east and the Wahibah Desert; Dhofar; The Musandam Peninsula; (The UAE) Abu Dhabi; Dubai; Sharjah; The northern Emirates; Fujairah and the east coast 

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