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Short Treks on Corsica - Korzika...
Short Treks on Corsica - Korzika...
Short Treks on Corsica - Korzika...
Short Treks on Corsica - Korzika...
Short Treks on Corsica - Korzika...

Short Treks on Corsica - Korzika túrakönyv

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Five mountain and coastal treks including the Mare a Mare and Mare e Monti

Guidebook describing five mountain and coastal treks on the Mediterranean island of Corsica: the 2-day Sentier du Douanier (Custom Officer's Path), the 10-day Mare e Monti, the 11-day coast-to-coast Mare a Mare Nord, the 5-day Mare a Mare Sud and the 5-day Mare e Monti Sud. With information on facilities and local plants and wildlife.


Spring to autumn - the majority of the walkers' hostels open from April to October. Spring means mild weather that is perfect for lowland trekking, then as temperatures rise, walkers will appreciate the cooler uplands. Late summer into early autumn can be simply glorious - and the sea stays warm for swimming.


Calenzana, Cargèse, Propriano, Porticcio, Porto-Vecchio, Corte, Moriani, Centuri, Macinaggio, Evisa


The five treks are straightforward (easy to moderate difficulty) and explore a variety of different terrain. While no special equipment is needed, walkers need to be fairly fit to be able to enjoy the experience of exploring the island.

Must See

Visit the divine bay of Girolata; hike Cap Corse on the old customs officer's track; swim in the dramatic Fango canyon; walk the famous Spilunca gorge with its paved mule tracks and Genoese bridges; drink in the history of the island's historic capital Corte; stay in cosy village accommodation and walkers' hostels where you'll enjoy feasts of fresh fish, cheese and local chestnuts accompanied by artisanal beer and wines



The treks


Plant life


When to go

Getting to Corsica

Local transport


Food and drink

What to take

Waymarking and maps


Using this guide

The treks

Trek 1 Sentier du Douanier: Cap Corse

Trek 2 Mare e Monti: Calenzana to Cargèse

Trek 3 Mare a Mare Nord: Cargèse to Moriani Plage

Trek 4 Mare a Mare Sud: Porto-Vecchio to Burgu

Trek 5 Mare e Monti Sud: Burgu to Porticcio

Appendix A Useful contacts

Appendix B Accommodation

Appendix C Glossary of French and Corsican terms

Appendix D Further reading

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