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Horvátország térkép - vízálló
Horvátország térkép - vízálló
Horvátország térkép - vízálló

Horvátország térkép - vízálló

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Croatia is sort of in the EU, in that it is a member of NATO and has been accepted by the other members. However, it is not fully accepted, which is why there are still border checks with the two EU fellow members bordering Croatia, although these seemed to me to be mere formality. The country is benefitting from its association with the EU, and twenty years of peace are eroding the fears of the war that tore Yugoslavia apart in the 1990s. The country s infrastructure is in good shape, hotels are full, tourists abound (at least along the coast in the summer), and things look good. Touristically, this is an ideal country to visit. The scenery is wonderful, the people are friendly, and the weather can t be beaten. The motorway extension towards Dubrovnik has now been decided to change the proposed routing via Bosnia to return the highway to the coast, build a two and a half kilometer-long bridge (now under construction) to a Croatian peninsula and create a new road further to the south of the country that would eventually link up Dubrovnik with the rest of the country. 

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