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Walking and Trekking in Iceland - Izland túrakönyv
Walking and Trekking in Iceland - Izland túrakönyv
Walking and Trekking in Iceland - Izland túrakönyv
Walking and Trekking in Iceland - Izland túrakönyv

Walking and Trekking in Iceland - Izland túrakönyv

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This guidebook to walking routes in Iceland offers 49 day walks and 10 multi-stage treks including the classic Laugavegur Trail. The total of 100 days of routes described cater for most abilities, from waymarked walks to challenging glacier crossings. Information on public transport, accommodation, facilities and budget travel tips also included.


summer season - highland roads don't open until mid-June and many tourist services close at the end of August; low-lying coastal areas, particularly in the south-west, can be walked from spring to autumn; winter effectively closes the vast bulk of routes to ordinary walkers


Most towns and villages are not well-placed for walking; essential to travel from place to place, and even far into the interior, to enjoy some of the most scenic and interesting trails


from short and easy routes to tough and steep, over anything from easy to rugged terrain, as well as long-distance routes; no special equipment needed for the easy routes; full backpacking equipment needed for long-distance trails; ropes, ice axe, crampons and experience essential on most glacier walks

Must See

amazing volcanic and glacial landscapes; geothermal areas; the coastline and off-islands and the remote interior; Iceland's highest mountain - Hvannadalshnúkur




Geology and landscape


National parks

Getting to Iceland

Getting around Iceland

When to go


Food and drink




Tourist information offices

What to take

Health and safety

River crossings


Footpaths, waymarking and access


Using this guide

1 Reykjavík, Reykjanes and Hengill

Walk 1 Reykjavík and Seltjarnarnes

Walk 2 Þverfellshorn from Esjustofa

Walk 3 Keflavík to Grindavík

Walk 4 Grindavík to Vogar

Walk 5 Grindavík and Prestastígur

Walk 6 Krýsuvík and Krísuvíkurbjarg

Walk 7 Seltún and Kleifarvatn

Walk 8 Seltún and Djúpavatn

Walk 9 Þingvellir and Skógarkot

Walk 10 Hveragerði and Reykjadalur

Walk 11 Ölfusvatn and Ölkelduháls

Walk 12 Hellisheiði to Hveragerði

Walk 13 Nesjavellir and Vörðuskeggi

Trek 1 The Reykjavegur

Stage 1 Nesjavellir to Múlasel

Stage 2 Múlasel to Bláfjallaskáli

Stage 3 Bláfjallaskáli to Kaldársel

Stage 4 Kaldársel to Djúpavatn

Stage 5 Djúpavatn to Brattháls

Stage 6 Brattháls to Þorbjörn

Stage 7 Þorbjörn to Reykjanesviti

2 Fjallabak and Þórsmörk

Walk 14 Landmannalaugar and Suðurnámur

Walk 15 Landmannalaugar and Bláhnukúr

Walk 16 Hvanngilshauser and Tangafoss

Walk 17 Þórsmörk and Valahnúkur

Walk 18 Fljótsdalur and Þórólfsfell

Walk 19 Vestmannaeyjar – Heimaey

Trek 2 Hellismannaleið, Laugavegur and Skógar Trail

Stage 1 Hellismannaleið – Rjúpnavellir to Áfangagil

Stage 2 Hellismannaleið – Áfangagil to Landmannahellir

Stage 3 Hellismannaleið – Landmannahellir to Landmannalaugar

Stage 4 Laugavegur – Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker

Stage 5 Laugavegur – Hrafntinnusker to Álftavatn

Stage 6 Laugavegur – Álftavatn to Botnar/Emstrur

Stage 7 Laugavegur – Botnar/Emstrur to Þórsmörk

Stage 8 Skógar Trail – Þórsmörk to Fimmvörðuháls

Stage 9 Skógar Trail – Fimmvörðuháls to Skógar

3 Skaftafell and Vatnajökull

Walk 20 Sandfell and Hvannadalshnúkur

Walk 21 Svinafellsjökull and Hrútsfjall

Walk 22 Skaftafell and Kristínartindar

Walk 23 Skaftafell and Svartifoss

Walk 24 Skaftafell and Morsárdalur

Walk 25 Jökulsárlón – Glacier Lagoon

4 Snæfell and Lónsöræfi

Walk 26 Snæfellsskáli and Snæfell

Trek 3 The Lónsöræfi Trail

Stage 1 Bjálafell to Geldingafellsskáli

Stage 2 Geldingafellsskáli to Egilssel

Stage 3 Egilssel to Múlaskáli

Stage 4 Múlaskáli to Stafafell

5 Egilsstaðir and the Eastfjords

Walk 27 Egilsstaðir and Fardagafoss

Walk 28 Neðri-Stafur and Seyðisfjörður

Walk 29 Litlanesfoss and Hengifoss

Walk 30 Hallormsstaðaskógur

Walk 31 Vatnsskarð and Stórurð

Trek 4 The Víknaslóðir

Stage 1 Seyðisfjörður to Loðmundarfjörður

Stage 2 Loðmundarfjörður to Húsavík

Stage 3 Húsavík to Breiðavík

Stage 4 Breiðavík to Borgarfjörður

6 Jökulsárgljúfur

Walk 32 Ásbyrgi and Áshöfði

Walk 33 Svinadalur and Rauðhólar

Walk 34 Selfoss and Dettifoss

Trek 5 The Jökulsárhlaup

Stage 1 Dettifoss to Vesturdalur

Stage 2 Vesturdalur to Ásbyrgi

7 Akureyri and Eyjafjörður

Walk 35 Akureyri and Súlur

Walk 36 Eyjafjörður and Hrísey

Walk 37 Grímsey

8 Kverkfjöll and Askja

Walk 38 Kverkfjöll and Hveradalur

Walk 39 Herðubreiðarlindir

Trek 6 The Askja Trail

Stage 1 Herðubreiðarlindir to Bræðrafell

Stage 2 Bræðrafell to Drekagil

Stage 3 Drekagil to Dyngjufell

Stage 4 Dyngjufell to Botni

Stage 5 Botni to Svartárkot

Stage 6 Botni to Grænavatn

Trek 7 The Mývatn Trail

Stage 1 Dimmuborgir to Reykjahlið

Stage 2 Reykjahlið to Víti

Stage 3 Víti to Reykjahlið

9 Sprengisandur and Kjölur

Walk 40 Nýidalur and Kaldagil

Walk 41 Nýidalur and Sprengisandur

Trek 8 The Kjölur Trails

Stage 1 Kerlingarfjöll Circuit – Ásgarður to Klakkur

Stage 2 Kerlingarfjöll Circuit – Klakkur to Ásgarður

Stage 3 Ásgarður to Gíslaskáli

Stage 4 Gíslaskáli to Hveravellir

Stage 5 Kjalvegur – Hveravellir to Þjófadalir

Stage 6 Kjalvegur – Þjófadalir to Þverbrekknamúli

Stage 7 Kjalvegur – Þverbrekknamúli to Arbuðir or Hvítárnes

10 Hornstrandir Peninsula

Trek 9 The Hornstrandir Trail

Stage 1 Hesteyri to Hlöðuvík

Stage 2 Hlöðuvik to Hornvík

Stage 3 Hornvík and Horn

Stage 4 Kjaransvík to Látravík

Stage 5 Látravík to Hesteyri

11 The Westfjords

Walk 42 Hnífsdalur, Bolungarvík and Ísafjörður

Walk 43 Suðureyri to Flateyri

Walk 44 Þingeyri and Kaldbakur

Walk 45 Helluskarð and Lómfell

Walk 46 Foss to Krossholt

Walk 47 Brunnaverstöð and Látrabjarg

Walk 48 Brjánslækur and Surtarbrandsgil

Walk 49 Flatey and Breiðafjörður

12 Snæfellsjökull and Snaefellsnes

Trek 10 The Snæfellsjökull and Snaefellsnes Trail

Stage 1 Snæfellsjökull – Ólafsvík to Arnarstapi

Stage 2> Snæfellsnes – Arnarstapi to Djúpalónssandur

Stage 3 Snæfellsnes – Djúpalónssandur to Öndverðarnes

Stage 4 Snæfellsnes – Öndverðarnes to Hellissandur

Appendix A Route summary tables

Appendix B Glossary of place-name elements

Appendix C Further information

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