Croatia - Horvátország hegymászókönyv - 2022

Croatia - Horvátország hegymászókönyv - 2022

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This is the definitive guidebook that details all the rock climbing and sport climbing areas within Croatia, except Paklenica. It covers 72 different crags and 3,990 routes.  The guidebook covers the rock climbing around:

1) Split and the islands of Hvar, Brac & Vis

2) Istria region, which covers the area around Pula, Rovinj & Pazin

3) Areas around Rijeka & Karlobag

4) Areas around Zagreb

 All the routes are shown on colour photo topos, with all the routes given French grades (each pitch if appropriate) along with their length. There are; 195 routes from F3a to F4c; 656 routes between F5a and F5c+; 1547 routes between F6a and F6c+; 1075 routes between F7a and F7c+; and 284 routes F8a and above.  A further 233 routes are classed as projects.

At the beginning of each crag there is a description in Croatian, German, and English text, along with a good location map including the parking GPS co-ordinates, and total number of routes in each grade band. Symbols are used to indicate the style of climbing to found, height of the crag, best time of the year to climb there and the orientation of the crag.

Published in April 2022 (revised 9th Edition), this guidebook is in Croatian, German, Italian and English text.  It includes 2 new crags and over 400 new routes than the previous edition.

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