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Armenia & Azerbaijan - Örményország és...

Armenia & Azerbaijan - Örményország és Azerbajdzsán térkép

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Méretarány 1 : 430 000 It is unfortunate that these two neighbouring countries dislike each other so much, because both are lovely countries to visit. Due to the way the two became separate political entities, both have enclaves surrounded by the other and it is impossible to map one without mapping both (unless one wipes out roads leading through the other's territory, resuming the roads and towns once it returns to the politically correct entity. The two have to be mapped as one, and visited as one; internally, the Armenians tend to inhabit the western third and portions of the centre, the Azeri most of the rest of the area, with enclaves of Avars, Lezgins, Cachuri, and Talys in specific areas. A second problem with mapping the two countries is that each insists that roads that used to be main transportation conduits were severed during the nationalistic creation of both entities, but both sides insist that these non-usable roads are still the main, or national, highways. Which ones are open, which ones have new by-pass routes, and which are closed is exceptionally difficult to record. We have done our best, and in our opinion, our map is more realistic than others on the market. Of course, the map shows points of interest, museums, churches of note, historic sites, airports etc. Detailed inset maps of Yerevan (capital of Armenia) and Baku (Azerbaijan) are included.

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