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Albánia - Bradt útikönyv

Albánia - Bradt útikönyv

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0This new, fully revised seventh edition of Bradt’s Albania remains the most authoritative standalone guide to what is still a relatively little known part of Europe. Coverage is comprehensive, starting in the capital, Tirana, then moving through central, northern and southern Albania to provide all the information needed for a successful trip. Included are knowledgeable and rigorously researched historical and archaeological background, detailed notes on popular and less well-known hiking routes and other outdoor activities, and specialist contributions on wildlife, military history and other topics. An unparalleled wealth of practical advice for the independent traveller is also offered.

Albania has something to offer almost everyone. Many come for the spectacular, unspoilt mountain scenery and the hiking and cycling opportunities. Others are interested in the country’s heritage, such as the Ottoman cities of Gjirokastra and Berati (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites), the many outstanding archaeological sites, and the Byzantine religious art in the medieval churches and in museums in Tirana, Korça and Berati. Beaches such as Dhërmiu and Jala in the south are popular with young backpackers, while in high season the resorts are full of Albanian-speaking Kosovars and Macedonians. Ornithologists have long been attracted to Albania, even during the Communist period when the country was all but closed to most foreign visitors, thanks to its many different habitats and the fact it lies on several migration routes. For city slickers, lively Tirana offers shopping malls, cycle paths, museums, art galleries and historic buildings, yet in the countryside, especially in the mountains, villagers still live much as their grandparents did, tending their goats and sheep, spinning wool and making their own cheese and yogurt. Many villagers have opened up their homes as guest houses, offering a wonderful opportunity to experience local culture first-hand.

All of this – and more – is covered in Bradt’s Albania, the ideal companion for a perfect trip.




Chapter 1 Background Information

Geography and climate, Natural history and conservation, History, Government and politics, Economy, Ethnic groups, Language, Religion, Education, Culture

Chapter 2 Practical Information

When to visit, Highlights, Suggested itineraries, Tour operators, Red tape, Getting there and away, Health, Safety, Women travellers, Black and minority ethnic travellers, Lesbian and gay travellers, Travellers with a disability, Travelling with children, What to take, Money, Budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating

and drinking, Public holidays, Shopping, Arts and entertainment, Photography, Media and communications, Albanian time and business, Cultural etiquette, Travelling positively


Chapter 3 Tirana

Getting there and away, Getting around, Tourist information, Where to stay, Where to eat, Entertainment and nightlife, Shopping, Other practicalities, What to see and do

Chapter 4 Central Albania

Getting there and away, Durresi, Bashtova Castle, Divjaka-Karavasta National Park, Elbasani, Pellumbasi, Kruja

Chapter 5 The North

Getting there and away, Shkodra, Puka, Lezha, Mati, Mirdita, The Lura Lakes 150, Kukesi, Tropoja, The Big Highlands, Peshkopia

Chapter 6 The Southeast

Getting there and away, Korca, Voskopoja, Prehistoric sites, Pogradeci, Librazhdi, Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park, The Prespa Lakes, The Gramoz Mountains, Permeti

Chapter 7 The Southwest

Getting there and away, Saranda, Butrint, The Riviera, Vlora, Fieri, Byllis, Berati, Gjirokastra

Appendix 1 Language

Appendix 2 Further Information


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