Africa - Afrika térkép
Africa - Afrika térkép
Africa - Afrika térkép

Africa - Afrika térkép

5 200 Ft
1-3 munka nap
The continent of Africa is fascinating. Whether on wishes to visit the continent or just learn more about it, a detailed map is vital, and a good map is hard to find! The first edition of our ITM Africa map sold out in less than two years. We have added a considerable amount of data to this edition of the map, particularly in the northwest portion. One has to be careful not to overload a continental map with too much information, or to show roads so prominently as to obscure too much the map, but one also has to have enough information to make the map useful, readable and attractive. We feel that this edition moves in this direction, but it is a work in progress, so more data still needs to be added in the future. However, as with all second editions, corrections have been made and pertinent information added.
Kiadás Éve
Méretarány (elsodleges)
1 : 5 000 000
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