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Africa East and Central - Kelet- és Közép-Afrika térkép


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4 500 Ft

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Méretarány 1 : 3 400 000

This is the latest map from our growing digital data base on Africa. One side of this map concentrates on the five countries of what is generally known as East Africa - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, with bits of neighboring countries thrown in. The second side covers what has always been called Central Africa, probably because it was once British Central Africa. This is Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, with the northern half of Mozambique and the Okavango delta included, as well as a bit of DEM Congo. The map covers a vast portion of the African continent and includes a diverse ethnic and geographic reality. WE have tried to categorize roads by condition, but the reality of Africa is that some main roads are in pretty poor condition. Some secondary roads are not shown as being as good as they probably are, but verifying data for Africa is difficult. This is our first map of this part of the world based on GIS Data. As such, it is much more precisely accurate than anything done to date. Africa is still a "work in progress" but this map opens it for exploration by visitors.

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Cikkszám (SKU) 2522
EAN 9781553412403
Nyelv Angol
Kiadás éve 2015
Kiadó ITM
Méretarány (elsődleges) 1 : 34 600
Méretarány (másodlagos) 1 : 26 200
Mennyiség egység db

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