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MN 160 Camino de Santiago zsebatlasz - Szent Jakab út



3 000 Ft

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This pocket atlas covers the Camino de Santiago which is the main route of the Way of St. James across northern Spain. The atlas starts in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French side of the Pyrenees and makes it's way to Santiago de Compostela in north west Spain.

Each double page spread of the atlas covers between 20 and 30 kilometres of the route, one page has a Michelin map with the route highlighted on it, the other page shows a route profile with accomodation and other services marked out. Opening times, number of beds and contact details are given for the hotels along the way as weel as their distance from the starting point of the map.

The maps themselves show road detail from motorways to rough tracks and footpaths, with intermediate road distances are show on most roads, toll and toll-free sections of motorways are inicated and various road obstacles such as steep hills, one way streets and prohibited roads are marked.

The maps use relief shading and spot heights to indicate topography. View points, scenic routes, religious and historic buildings, caves, palaces and villas, parks and loads of other places of touristic interest are marked out with symbols. An index is included and the legend is in a bunch of languages, one of which is English.

A number of street maps are included covering the major cities and towns along the way, namely Pamplona, Logrono, Burgos, Leon and Santiago de Compostela with road names and points of interest marked out.

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Cikkszám (SKU) 6996
EAN 9782067148055
Nyelv Angol, Francia, Német, Spanyol
Kiadás éve 2015
Megjelenési forma / Kötészet irkafűzött
Mennyiség egység db
Speciális kivitel irkafűzött

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