Sri Lanka & South India - Dél-India térkép

4 500 Ft

Gyors áttekintés

Méretarány 1:450 000 / 1:2 380 000
Colombo, Mumbai, Kolkata

1:450,000/1:2,380,000 scale 3rd Edition. Even though Ceylon has been called Sri Lanka for many years, the Emerald of the Pacific has struggled to develop a sound tourism industry. In part, this is due to a long civil insurrection, and in part to the fact that it is located off main air routes. To make it easier to market, we have converted our map into a double sided entity, with Sri Lanka and an inset map on one side with a detailed map of southern India (Mumbai, Kolkata south to Madurai). We believe that most people touring southern India would relish the trip across Adams bridge (which is actually a ferry) to the northern tip of Sri Lanka. To me, the essence of the country rests in its rail trip from Colombo to Kandi, in the mountainous heart of Sri Lanka. This is a country with much to offer: beaches, tea estates, good roads, nice accommodations, and friendly people.