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Road Atlas of Africa from the South African publishers Map Studio with locations of border crossings, driving distances on many secondary routes, national parks and various places of interest, etc. The southern part of the continent plus the countries of East Africa are presented at 1:1,500,000 and generally with more information (roads, towns, etc) than the northern and western African countries which are shown at 1:3,000,000. Madagascar and the islands of the Indian Ocean are on separate 2-page spread; Cape Verde Islands are not included.

The continent’s topography is indicated by altitude colouring, enhanced by relief shading, plus names of mountain ranges, plateaux, peaks, etc. Many tributaries of Africa’s main rivers are also named. National parks, wildlife reserves and other protected areas are prominently highlighted. The maps shows the network of main and secondary roads with selected 4WD trails and country tracks. Driving distances are shown on many routes, particularly in South Africa and the surrounding countries, and border crossings are indicated. The maps also show railway lines and local airports. Symbols mark various places of interest. Latitude and longitude values are given for the corners of each 2-page spread. The atlas is indexed and includes a separate “quickfinder” index for major locations, a distance table, plus a list of countries with their capital city, area, and population.